Aftercare Details

If you are a parent in need of aftercare, we provide this service until 6:30pm. All students not picked up by 3:15 will be required to go to aftercare.

There are two separate aftercare programs. The first is for Lower School students, (K – 5) and the second is for Middle School students, (6th – 8th grade).

Lower School students can be dropped off as early as 7:00 a.m. There is no charge for morning before care.  

If students are not in an organized TMA event, they must be in aftercare until a parent arrives.* Charges begin at 3:30 p.m. and will be added to your school bill at the following rate:

Occasional Day Rate:
$10.00 per day - 1st Child 
$6.00 per day - 2nd and additional children in same program

Regular Weekly Rate:
$43.00 per week -  1st Child
$23.00 per week - 2nd and additional children in same program

Late Pick-Up Charges:
Any student not picked up by 6:30pm will be charged $20 for any portion of the first 15 minutes and $5 for every 5 minute period thereafter.

*Any Lower or Middle School student involved in an after school sport, teacher meeting, or club meeting that meets after 3:15 on the TMA campus will not be charged for aftercare before the event.  However, if the parent is not there when the event is over, the student must return to aftercare and will be charged the normal rate after the first 15 minutes.