WINGS (Working to Inspire and Nurture Gifted Students) is a weekly pull-out initiative for gifted students. This program is for students of exceptional intelligence (IQ > 130) and is designed to be a creative, hands-on, project-based learning environment challenging the higher-level thinker. Students are recommended for the program by our teachers using criteria based on the ERB-CPT4 testing data from the beginning of the year, official IQ measurements, and teacher recommendations.

Our program will align with the Florida Framework for Gifted Learners, which means we will consistently plan with the following key components in mind:

  • The chance to consistently pursue topics of study in greater depth or to a greater level of cognitive challenge   
  • The inspiration to tackle a wider range of authentic and complex academic tasks that require doing real-world work 
  • Intentional integration of activities that move at a faster pace
  • The opportunity to develop a sense of self and comprehend the possibilities that the world has to offer

And since we always want to go the Second Mile, our units of study for WINGS will all be biblically integrated just like the core classroom curriculum.

Our goal is to provide a creative and unique learning opportunity for students outside the scope of their normal classroom activities. We are excited to see the new opportunities that God is creating here at TMA.