Lower School Chapel

In Lower School chapel, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American and Christian flags, and also to the Bible. We believe it is important to foster respect and honor for each of these things in their lives.

We begin chapel with an interactive worship experience followed by a message designed to help all students (K - 5th grade) better understand foundational Christian truths. To reinforce these truths, leaders incorporate fun, engaging lessons that encourage student participation. Parents are always welcome to experience these chapel services with us!

On the second Wednesday of each month we have our small group breakout sessions called ATOMA. Atoma is plural for the Greek word atomon meaning "indivisible." This helps us intentionally remember that nothing can separate us from our Lord and Savior. As brothers and sisters in Christ, our students come together with a buddy class to have a smaller worship time and discuss God's word in a smaller setting that includes the same peers and adults all year. This close bond formed throughout the year allows  your child to experience an intimate community of support allowing deeper roots to form while our children begin to flourish in their calling from the Lord.