Upper and Lower School 

The ultimate objective of any learning experience is educational excellence. Excellence involves more than the mere assimilation of facts; it encompasses and impacts the whole person — intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, and creatively.

The educational experience at The Master's Academy is built upon the timeless truth of God's Word — The Holy Scriptures. With this eternal foundation, our school complements the teaching of the Christian home and church. This powerful triad produces a strength of character that enables today's youth to transcend the pressures of a secular society and transform the world through Biblical thought and action.

The Master's Academy shapes the minds, hearts, and bodies of its students and instills in them the wisdom, knowledge, and servant leadership required to succeed in today's dynamic and changing world. TMA assists you in preparing today's youth for tomorrow's future by focusing on these three areas:

  • SPIRITUAL — A positive nondenominational environment encourages your child to read and love God's Word, to experience a personal relationship with God, and to respect and serve others.
  • ACADEMIC — Foreign language, Fine Arts, an approximately 15,000-volume library, and an up-to-date computer lab complement strong phonetic reading and math curriculums. Special student programs and weekly chapel allow all children to prepare and perform today for tomorrow's success.
  • PHYSICAL — Football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, golf, soccer, swimming, softball, tennis, volleyball, cross country, bowling, beach volleyball, and track and field enhance a strong physical education program. Our goal is to build skills to teach good sportsmanship and to honor God.


In each of these areas, The Master's Academy has high but achievable expectations for each student. Spiritually, each student is prepared by God's grace for each stage of life's journey.

Academically, many achieve advanced placement and honors. Since 1986, our challenging academic programs have produced scholars who consistently outscore students of equal abilities in other schools. Nearly all graduates of The Master's Academy pursue higher education, including our nation's most prestigious colleges and universities.

Over 79% of our students participate in interscholastic athletics. Teams and individuals have achieved honors at the district, regional, state, and national levels.

The Master's Academy is determined to produce a well-rounded student to better serve God, family, community, and the nation.