Preschool boy smiling on swing.
Preschool girl smiling

Serving Students Two Years to Five Years Old

Our Preschool Program offers an age-appropriate learning environment for each individual student, meeting their needs both academically and developmentally. Students ages range from two years to five years old within seven interactive classrooms where they learn about God’s love through play and hands-on learning. Below is a list of our preschool classrooms:
Discoverers — Discovering God’s love in a fun-filled learning environment.
Explorers — Exploring God’s creation through hands-on learning.
Navigators — Navigating God's world through collaborative and interactive learning.
Adventurers – Growing faith in God by taking risks with new ideas and concepts.
Creators — Using God-given talents to create through hands-on experiences.
Investigators — Asking questions to solve the mysteries of God’s creations.
Trailblazers — Trailblazing a path through God’s big story.

Curricula and Programs

TMA Preschool is currently accredited under the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). ACSI recognizes the great importance of the early years in a child’s life. A good beginning enhances a child’s joy of learning and inspires them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.