Admission requirements include the following:

At least one custodial parent is a Christian who has had a life-changing salvation experience based on personal faith in the work of Christ on the cross.

Parents must sign the “Parent’s Pledge of Acceptance and Cooperation” found in the family application.

Students will submit with their application any standardized test scores that have been taken within the past three years (such as ITBS, CAT, Terra Nova, FSA, and/or Stanford) and three years of report cards (Transcript for grades 6-12). All students will be tested for possible admission and placement. The results will be evaluated by the principal (or a teacher appointed by the principal).

The Master’s Academy does not provide services to students whose educational, social, and physical needs cannot be met by our existing programs, services, or staff.

Students must demonstrate excellent conduct on recent and prior report cards and through teacher evaluation.

Students should be of high moral character and obedient to biblical principles.

TMA does not generally admit students who have been found guilty of a crime other than minor traffic violations.

Students who are parents, expecting a child of their own, or are married may not be enrolled at TMA.

Incoming students above grade three and one custodial parent of every child must sign a document agreeing to comply with all applicable policies of TMA.

Falsifying or misrepresenting information in the application or enrollment process is grounds for dismissal from TMA.

TMA reserves the right to decide, at its sole discretion, if an applicant is suited for admission to the school.