Admissions Procedures

Interested families are asked to complete an online application for consideration for the upcoming school year. To request the application link, please complete our Inquiry Form.

  • $95 non-refundable application fee per preschool - 12th-grade student.
  • For grades 2-12, an additional entrance testing fee is payable to a third-party service provider.
  • Completed online application, electronically signed in all applicable places. This application is where parents share their testimony, agree to our Statement of Faith, sign the Parent Financial Agreement, Pledge of Acceptance, and Promotional statement. Further information is provided about the student. Students coming to grades 4-12 will also have a section to complete in the application.


In the online application process, the following documents will be required for upload:

  • Transcript (grades 6-12) or end of the year report cards (K-5) (3 year minimum of course listing and grades)
  • Standardized Test results (past 3 years minimum)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Current evaluations and accommodation plans, if applicable (include IEP, 504, psychoeducational evaluation, IHP, ESOL, Academic Improvement Plan, or any other school-issued support services plan)
  • Student evaluation form (emailed to the teacher of choice directly through the online application process)

Upon initial application review, prospective families will be contacted to schedule testing and an interview.

Upon acceptance by The Master’s Academy, enrollment is secured when a non-refundable enrollment fee is paid. 

For grade levels that have reached maximum capacity, qualified candidates will be placed in a “wait pool.”  The wait pool is an unranked list of candidates who have met all admission requirements of The Master’s Academy.  When and if an opening becomes available, the Admissions Committee will select the most appropriate candidate from the pool.  At the start of a new school year, candidates will be rolled over to a new pool and will be considered as openings occur during the year.

Admissions and placement are at the sole discretion of The Master’s Academy.