At The Master's Academy, we desire for each one of our students to encounter the goodness and the love of God. The curriculum used by each Bible teacher is a tool not just for information, but for transformation. Our sole purpose is to use our platform to encourage, empower and inspire our students to not merely know about God, but to actually know Him intimately and personally.

High School Bible Classes

This course provides a foundation of faith to guide students toward a more holistic understanding of the Christian belief. A theological framework will be designed through the study of Scripture, God, Jesus, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual world, evil, the Church, and specific theological beliefs. Students will be challenged to answer questions that are essential to their personal faith and relationship with God. This course provides a survey of the Bible in its progressive unfolding of the history of redemption against the backdrop of creation and sin.

This course will help students see and understand what it looks like to live productively in a world that is broken down by sin. This world bears only the faintest resemblance of what it was built to be. Students will see and understand more comprehensively the effects of sin on their relationships and their culture and how they are called and equipped to be a part of God’s restoration project. Students will learn how to discern cultural influences through the lens of the Gospel and how to be used by God in the lives of others as his agents of restoration and change. 

Middle School Bible Classes

This course is simply understood as an introductory course to Biblical knowledge, which gives a general view of the entire Bible. Before a student can be confident discussing the Bible, they need a sound understanding of its outline. This course uses Mark Reed's book, "Route 66: Travel Through the Bible", which is produced by Positive Action Bible Curriculum. Throughout this course the students will learn the main ideas and characters for each book in the Bible and be able to compose a timeline of the Old Testament. Furthermore, this course will challenge students to develop a holistic Jesus-centered understanding of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. The students are taught the story of the Triune God and how He works in our lives. During this class, students will read and discuss Hannah Hurnard’s book, "Hinds’ Feet on High Places."

This course will take students on a journey through the Gospel of John, helping them develop not only a deeper knowledge of Christ, but also a deeper relationship with Him. Featuring maps, photographs, and recreations of biblical landmarks, The Life of Christ curriculum, examines the ministry and work of God’s Son within Israel’s historical and geographical context. Students will also work through What’s Up? Discovering Jesus, The Gospel, And Who You Really Are by Debbie Harrell & Jack Klumpenhower. What’s Up answers the real questions of identity and purpose that begin to unfold in middle-school hearts and minds. Revealing God’s love, forgiveness, and power to change, this course helps middle school students understand that the gospel is all about God making us into who he meant us to be all along. As they learn how to lean wholly (and happily) on Jesus through these formative years, their lives are changed from the inside out.

This course addresses student’s deepest need—God’s grace in their lives through faith in Christ. Paul explains the profoundly wonderful implications and applications of the gospel in Romans. Students will study through the book of Romans inductively, mining for its theological and practical application to their lives. This course will also work through The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens that will help students discover the message of Jesus and how it relates to every area of their lives.

Lower School Bible Classes

In the Lower School at TMA, the teachers and staff take very seriously the laying of a firm foundation of faith in each of their students’ hearts and minds.  This process is done daily by creating a learning environment in the classroom that has a strong Christian worldview. Lessons in each subject area are integrated with Biblical truths and concepts and strengthened through the use of a solid Bible curriculum. Teachers encourage and work with students weekly to learn to “hide God’s word in their hearts so that they might not sin against Him.”  The goal for each of our students' spiritual growth is for them to become fully developed and fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.