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Each student in TMA's Middle School is assigned into a Koinonia group. Koinonia is a middle school community in which students and teachers are highly valued. It is the goal of each Koinonia to develop relationships built on social trust and respect; to foster personal and social significance; and to accept everyone as individually equal. 

A key component of Koinonias is the selection of student leaders who are chosen by a panel of teachers to lead their specific Koinonia as an ambassador for the school year. Student leaders are chosen by their willingness to LEARN to lead those who don't want to follow. LOVE others in a way that reflects Christ's love and LIVE as an example of Jesus in everyday life.

“I want my students to see history as an incredible story of how God works in the lives of people. He is sovereign, and He is moving in our individual lives and in the story of America for His glory and our good.” 
- Nikki Barclay (MS History)