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God's Opportunities for Learning Differences 

The G.O.L.D. program at TMA was created based on our deep desire to meet the various learning needs of all our students. We recognize that God provides gifts and talents to each person to be utilized to bring HIM glory and to advance HIS Kingdom on earth. It is our goal to provide effective support (academic, emotional, social, spiritual) to students who demonstrate an academic profile that indicates either a struggle or a giftedness in a specific area. The following documentation is required in order for students to receive learning support beyond the normal scope of the classroom at TMA: 

An educational evaluation* completed by a licensed psychologist: 

  • Must be completed within the past 3 years 
  • Must be kept up-to-date for the duration the student remains at TMA 

A medical evaluation* completed by a licensed physician 

*Both the educational and medical evaluations must contain clear statements of the following: 

  • Specified disability and/or learning area(s) impacted 
  • Specific learning accommodations recommended 

Based upon an analysis of a student's specific needs, they will be recommended for participation in one of the following G.O.L.D. supports: 

TMA reserves the right to determine what level of student accommodation(s) they are able to provide. 

The G.O.L.D. Process

Students will be referred to the G.O.L.D. program by a TMA teacher, Principal, or Guidance employee.

The Learning Support Services Director will review the student's current education evaluation, academic records, medical records, and/or any other relevant testing information that impacts the student's learning.

The Learning Center Coordinator is able to meet up to 3 times / week with the student to assess their needs. 

Based upon the recommendation of the Principal and Learning Center and Learning Support Services Director, an learning support plan will be developed.

Parents will meet with the Learning Support Services Director to discuss the proposed plan, including any fees.

Questions about the GOLD Program?