Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.

Research supports that our youngest learners need to encounter the world through their senses, to have the freedom of self-guided play, to be exposed to activities that build oral language skills and to experience teacher-supported social and emotional advancement.

We are excited to offer our Preschool students a variety of STEAM-focused opportunities — both in the classroom and through weekly trips to the Lower School STEAM Lab. Every Preschool student has the opportunity to learn through hands-on, experiential learning! In classrooms you will see sensory bins, inquiry-based lessons, science labs, open-ended centers, lightboards, and play. In STEAM Lab, early childhood activities, supplies, and equipment allow children to explore STEAM in an age-appropriate way with guidance from teachers.

The lab is equipped with loose ramps and balls, tabletop and large foam building collections, a wind tunnel, and more to help spark problem-solving, collaboration, and communications while exploring engineering skills, focus, motion, and much more. 

Through exposure to these activities, our preschoolers learn how to work together to solve problems, develop complex oral language skills allowing them to better communicate with others, ultimately deepening their social and emotional health.