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Links Crew

TMA Links Crew began six years ago with a twofold mission: 1) give seniors a platform for positive leadership and 2) help freshmen transition smoothly into high school.

During the first quarter the Senior Links Crew meet weekly during lunch with their freshmen small groups. The seniors want to be supportive, encouraging, and attentive so that their freshmen can experience a great start to high school. To encourage, pray for, and build relationship is the goal for Links Crew seniors.  Each year Links Crew plans the following  for TMA freshmen: a "Welcome to High School" ice cream party, a spoons tournament, a delicious pancake breakfast and they end with the  ultimate Freshmen Fun Night.

TMA students benefit their freshmen year and can't wait to give back to those who are younger when they are seniors.  It has become a wonderful TMA tradition where everyone wins!