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Christian Life

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“Pursuing spiritual and academic excellence with families by going the second mile.”
Our desire at The Master’s Academy is to equip students to pursue spiritual maturity through a right understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ as presented in the inerrant Word of God. We believe that we are more sinful and flawed than we ever dared believe. BUT that IN CHRIST, we are more accepted and loved than we ever dared hope. Only as we wrap our minds and hearts around the promises of Scripture can we truly live in obedience to the commands of Scripture. So our aim is to help our students understand who they are IN CHRIST and how that shapes who they are in the world.
It is also our desire to come alongside parents in what they are already doing to disciple and nurture the faith of their children. “Two combined influences are better than just two influences.” So, our aim is to keep parents informed as to what is being discussed in chapel and how they can follow up on those discussions at home. We will do that through weekly blog posts. We will also host parent seminars to encourage and equip parents.
We want to impact students Christian lives so that they are equipped to impact the lives of other students. We will have lots of student leadership opportunities such as student worship teams, student testimonies, behind the scenes chapel planning and producing, class led chapels, etc. In many ways, students best reach students and we want to provide environments and opportunities for that to take place